I am NOT Trader | Be a Wise Investor
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…presented by Sankar Srinivasan, Certified Market Professional, National Stock Exchange of India

Don't be a Trader

Online markets are not a place for business. People with intention to hunt money, are entering into the markets. But, finally losing everything. Why?

Gain Knowledge

A petty shop even cannot be running by anyone, without having sufficient knowledge. Then, how profitable trades are possible for a blind trader?

Choose Scrips

Not all listed scrips are for everyone. Plan your capital, your trading style and your trading scrips. Without having idea on this, its too hard to succeed.

Understand Risks

There is no easiest way in the world. Capital markets are risky. Don't copy from someone. Don't believe rumours. And, don't follow others. Be a Unique.

First, your trading account should be proper and benefitful to you.

Open your Trading account in NSE, BSE, MCX, and Demat account to good start. Then, open trading terminal in Desktop or Mobile and spend enough time to monitor and analyse the market.

FREE Delivery Trades
No brokerage for delivery trading.
Intraday 0.01%
Intraday brokerage 0.01% or Rs.20 PER TRADE (whichever is lower). Please note, PER TRADE and NOT PER LOT.
Nominal Account Opening Fees
Rs.150 for BSE & NSE, Rs.150 for MCX and Rs.150 for AMC. Total Rs.450+GST
User friendly trading platforms
Experience pro mobile and desktop applications with live chart.
Comfort Leverage
Upto 15x leverage in Cash, Futures 4x, Option Sell 4x, NSE Currency 4x and MCX Future 2.5x
BTSTs are considered as equity delivery trades which means you pay zero brokerage on these orders.
Brokerage for Option Trading
Rs.20 per executed order (NOT per Lot)
Online Account Opening
No paper... No signature...

Read about actual expenses for trading…

Know about your brokerage, Securities transaction tax, Transaction charges, Clearing charges, GST, State stamp duty and SEBI Turnover Fees.


Then learn the market

And become a Wise Investor


Fundamental Analysis

Everybody fails

Choose the equities, then learn the company's business and financials, profit earning ratio, earning per share and everything, before decision of buy.


Technical Analysis

Charts are magnifiers

Charting packages are provided by almost all brokers. Learn fundamental of charting, candlestick patterns, indicators and oscillators.


Gann Theories

Trade with mathematical calculations

William D. Gann was invented so many theories for stock and commodity markets. All needs market study and trade with simple mathematical calculations.


Fibonacci Retracement

Simplify currency trading

Leonardo Fibonacci's 13th century formula is still working in the modern world. In capital markets too. Currency trading is easy to monitor by using this theory.


Understand Brokerage

to avoid unnecessary trades

Learn about your broker's brokerage and other charges. Broker recommendations are making you trade for their brokerage accumulation. Don't trade unnecessarily. If you get or loose, broker will gain.

The Team behind IamNOTtrader.com...

The Team

Behind this website…

Sankar Srinivasan


A technical analyst and blogger. Having more than 15 years of experience in capital markets. Simplified William D. Gann’s complex trading theories and mathematical calculations. Wrote few books about Gann’s theories, and widely selling around the world. Reach me at https://SankarSrinivasan.com

My Team Members 🙂

Well qualified…

Online capital markets are reaching the end user, with help of  a laptop, smart phone and internet connection. But, human beings are more valuable in the world. Retaining a man/woman as a customer, is beyond the business. Communication is more effective.